EngToBeyond International Academy focuses on creating purely American styled classrooms for Chinese children,

and helps to enhance the children’s English proficiency from all aspects.

Based on the American “Performed-Culture Pedagogy” method,

we cultivate students’ mental and psychological driving force through flipped classroom structure and contextual pedagogy.

Our academic team with pure-American backgrounds,

provides Chinese families with seamless one-stop counseling guiding them up through K-12.

Activity Review: Warm Mother's Day Party, children and mothers have had an unforgettable time
Event Review: The EngToBeyond Halloween Carnival Party
Companionship is the best gift. Pure English experience party (Party) makes children's English learning return to the essence
the application of situational teaching method in primary school English teaching

We create different learning scenarios for the children to learn and improve their comprehensive ability

to express their thoughts and emotions in American culture.